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Slovenian Catholic Center


      The SCC needs you!

Do you have some time?


        ...know someone that might?

The Slovenian Catholic Center and Slovenian Catholic Mission
​are in need of volunteers:

  • To help maintain our beautiful grounds during the Spring and Summer seasons.
  • A Mechanic(s) to service and maintain our landscape equipment.
  • A small group of volunteers to do patch work on the asphalt around the Center parking lot.

If you are able to assist with any of the above jobs, please contact:
Peter Pecharich for landscaping and machine maintenance…
Drago Velkavrh for the asphalt repair…
Martina Hozjan Ruda at . You may also leave a message at the Center at 630-243-0670 or send an email to

The Slovenian Catholic Center will be hosting its
on Sunday, August 14th, 2016 at St. Mary's in Lemont!

Mass will be at 11:00 a.m. at the Lourdes Grotto, weather permitting. 
After Mass, we will be serving a delicious BBQ lunch with your choice of pork, lamb or chicken! 
We will also be serving čevapčiči and pečanice.
All bakery donations will be greatly appreciated.

$10,000 Grand Prize Raffle to be held at 5:00 pm

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Welcome The Slovenian Catholic Center's purpose is to promote, encourage and foster in the context of the American society, the ideals of the Slovenian heritage and Christian religious and ethical values, providing and operating adequate facilities in support of the religious purposes of the Commissariat of the Holy Cross (CHC) and the Slovenian Catholic Mission (SCM) to carry on exclusively religious, educational, and charitable activities.
Dobrodošli Namen slovenskega katoliškega centra je spodbujanje, pospeševanje in spodbujanje v okviru ameriške družbe, idealov slovensko dediščino in krščanskih verskih in etičnih vrednot, zagotavljanje ustrezne zmogljivosti in delujejo v podporo verske namene Commissariat of Holy Cross (CHC) in Slovenski katoliški misiji (SCM), ki opravljajo samo verske, izobraževalne in dobrodelne dejavnosti.