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Slovenian Catholic Center

The ANNUAL MEETING of the Slovenian Catholic Center will be held on Sunday, April 24 after the Membership Appreciation Dinner. Members of the Board of Directors and their committees will be providing reports summarizing the past year at the Center. During the meeting we will also be electing the Board for the upcoming year. Everyone is invited and encouraged to join us for the meeting.  We are always looking for new faces and new ideas on our SCC board. Anyone that is interested in joining the board should let Mark Cepon, Martina Hozjan Ruda or an existing board member know.​

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Are you ready for some great food? KOLINE 2016 is almost here!

If you are a fan of good food and good company you will not want to miss Koline at the Slovenian Catholic Center; Sunday, February 14th after the 11:00 am Mass.  We will be serving blood sausage, white sausage, pork, krofe and many other goodies.

Tickets are $20 for adults; students 7-14 are $8, under 6 are free.   Pre-paid reservations are required and due by February 7th!

Make your reservations NOW!!



Welcome The Slovenian Catholic Center's purpose is to promote, encourage and foster in the context of the American society, the ideals of the Slovenian heritage and Christian religious and ethical values, providing and operating adequate facilities in support of the religious purposes of the Commissariat of the Holy Cross (CHC) and the Slovenian Catholic Mission (SCM) to carry on exclusively religious, educational, and charitable activities.
Dobrodošli Namen slovenskega katoliškega centra je spodbujanje, pospeševanje in spodbujanje v okviru ameriške družbe, idealov slovensko dediščino in krščanskih verskih in etičnih vrednot, zagotavljanje ustrezne zmogljivosti in delujejo v podporo verske namene Commissariat of Holy Cross (CHC) in Slovenski katoliški misiji (SCM), ki opravljajo samo verske, izobraževalne in dobrodelne dejavnosti.