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Slovenian Catholic Center

Dr. John Vidmar

Slovenian Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Slovenia for the State of Illinois.

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The seat of the Honorary Consulate is on the premises of the Slovenian Catholic Center. The Slovenian Catholic/Cultural Center is not an official voting place for Slovenian elections.

The main responsibility as Honorary Consulate is to represent the General Consul at meetings of the consular corps. There are over 80 consulates in Chicago, most of them staffed by professional career diplomats. We meet with both state and city officials to review issues related to foreign nationals who either visit or reside in Illinois as well as trade issues between the countries we represent and interests here in Illinois.

I also help Slovenian agencies locate people here in Illinois who have legal issues to resolve in Slovenia. For the most part, this action comes from estate settlements in Slovenia. I help organize regular consular hours about every 6 weeks in our Center. We get many inquiries about visa issues for people either visiting or passing through Slovenia. Finally, I try to help formulate their questions when dealing with the Consulate office in Cleveland or the Embassy in Washington DC. We are still fielding many citizenship questions.

On Sunday, June 14, 2009, the new Slovenian Ambassador Roman Kirn met with the local Slovenian community for the occasion of opening a Slovenian Honorary Consulate with Dr. John P. Vidmar, a Slovenian Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Slovenia for the State of Illinois.

Honorary consulate general of the republic of slovenia

dr. john vidmar