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Slovenian Catholic Center

1100 Superior Avenue, Suite 720
Cleveland, OH 44114
phone: 216 771 7010

fax: 216 771 7701

The consular jurisdiction of the Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia in Cleveland comprises ten states: Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa and Colorado. The consular district thus covers 1,720,169 square kilometers and 73 million people.

The main tasks of the Consulate General:

  • Providing information on Slovenia and possibilities for cooperation, and guaranteeing conditions for the strengthening of cooperation in all areas – tourism, culture, science and education, sport, healthcare and economy,

  • Monitoring American media reports on Slovenia and establishing contacts with journalists,

  • Creating and maintaining contacts with the Slovenian community in the United States,

  • Providing consular assistance to the Slovenian community and Slovenian citizens in the United States.

Consulate general of the republic of slovenia

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