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Slovenian Catholic Center

Holy Cross society

This is one of the oldest death and burial societies within the parish. It was begun at St. Stephen parish, for a time resided at Holy Trinity parish in Pilsen and then brought back to St. Stephen. Ever since the Slovenian Catholic Mission was initiated in Lemont, it has been part of this parish community. The founders of this group were all from Holy Cross parish in Crensovci, Slovenia. They named the organization for their home church. Many members today still originate from that area of Slovenia. The original purpose of the Holy Cross Society was to provide for the burial of its members. Early immigrants died in factory accidents before there was any compensation and many died from disease. Members paid a small stipend to join and the organization then fund raised to build a treasury that would permit it to make contributions for members of the parish. Times have changed and families are no longer destitute as they were many years ago. Although contributions are still made to defray a part of the cost of funerals, this organization has become more of a service organization for the parish providing volunteers for many events.