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Slovenian Catholic Center

The Center is used by its members and parishioners of the Slovenian Catholic Mission for events such as baptisms, communions, weddings, anniversaries, funeral luncheons, school programs, concerts, plays, and other memorable occasions.  Neighboring Lemont churches and organizations use the Center to host their events.

Similar to the heart of Slovenian homes, the heart of our Center is the kitchen.  Here we feast on the traditional delicacies and recipes that our parents and grandparents brought from the 'old country', such as klobase, potica, strudel, krofe, and more.  In addition to all the special events, we gather every Sunday after mass at the Slovenian Catholic Mission, in fellowship to enjoy the company of friends, food, libations, singing, and bocce or "Tarok" - a traditional card game.

For the Slovenian community, the 'Slovenski Dom' is our second home.  We welcome your visit. 

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The Slovenian Cultural Center also welcomes various artists and cultural groups from Slovenia and other Slovenian communities worldwide.  Upon entry into the Center, you are surrounded by the true talents of our community through various artistic formats.  Our art gallery displaying pieces commissioned by local Slovenian artists, is representative of the various regions of Slovenia.  We have an extensive library filled with fiction and non-fiction works dating back to the 1800's.  We house a small museum of cultural artifacts which are symbolic of our national costumes, religious, and holiday traditions.  Our folklore dance groups, dressed in the national costumes, entertain us with dances specific to the various regions of Slovenia.

SLOVENIAN CATHOLIC/cultural center

Lemont, il

The Center was completed in 1996, on the grounds of St. Mary's Monastery.  The people who began the project of building this beautiful Center were motivated by a deep love for their culture, heritage, and religion.  The Center was built by volunteer labor and loving hands and is maintained by its membership.  Currently, the Center is still run on a volunteer basis and is a not-for-profit religious entity affiliated with the Slovenian Catholic Mission, located at St. Mary's Seminary in Lemont, IL.

The Center, known to its members as the "Slovenski Dom", serves as a parish hall and provides the Slovenian American community with a home where many organizations and lodges meet.  As well as spiritual and cultural events, the Dom houses the most essential part of the organization, Slomšek Slovenian School.  The school is crucial to insuring the longevity and strength of what has been built by our Slovenian immigrants and which will be carried on by future generations.

Slomšek Slovenian School has been in existence for more than 55 years.  When the Center was built, Slovenian schools from Chicago and Joliet decided to incorporate into one central location, the Slovenksi Dom. The goal is to continue to provide the Slovenian American community a place where they can learn the Slovenian language and culture.  The curriculum provides an organized set of lessons for students ages two through adult with a teaching staff consisting of accredited teachers and individuals with accreditation from the Center of Education from the Republic of Slovenia.